Like a gardener looking after his plants in the garden, a manager looks after the employees on his teams. To fully support his people's capabilities for knowledge, creativity, and control, a manager must keep his people motivated.”

Jurgen Appelo, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, leader, Netherlands, Management 3.0



My clients come primarily from the construction, services, financial services, industrial, public relations and telecommunications sectors.

Some of them operate internationally, primarily in the CEE region.

They all value a coaching-sparring partnership which is born out of trust, discretion and integrity, and based on expertise, experience and skills.

Managers who work with me have the following features in common:

  • They want to expand their leadership skills
  • They are leading figures in their sector
  • They are innovative, focused, dedicated and energetic
  • They encourage their staff to take¬†initiative and assume responsibility
  • They are constantly looking to improve on excellent results
  • They have a wide variety of¬†interests, and they have a good sense of humour