The only way to build trust professionally or personally is being trustworthy”

Gerard Arpey, CEO, American Airlines

“Regardless of whether we need strategic impetus for international management development initiatives, or guidance for cultural development projects – or HR audits in Central and Eastern Europe, or development programmes for international leadership talent – I’ve had complete confidence in Ulrike Bittmann’s expertise and experience for many years. Her appreciative, insightful and culturally sensitive approach to dealing with people is another significant success factor.

On a personal note, I value Ulrike as a dialogue partner – she is supportive and affirmative, but also uses critical questions to highlight potential new approaches.

Winfried Braumann, Spot AG

“I think the best way to describe my long-term partnership with Ulrike Bittmann would be ‘the means is the end’. You are guided towards your objective, and on the way you receive support, ideas and know-how delivered in a professional, understanding, charming, direct, structured and easy-to-follow style.”

Björn Mittendorfer, CFO, .A.S.A. Abfall Service AG