Each of us has a mind with great potential. We have the possibility of creating a world of compassion and well-being and we have the capacity for mindless violence and destruction. A second powerful lesson has been in the profound plasticity of the human brain. We can actually focus our minds in a way that changes the structure and function of the brain throughout our lives.”

Daniel J. Siegel, The Mindful Brain. New York: W.W.Norton, 2007


My Focus

Stimulating. Working together to find new perspectives, growth and development.

The aim of my work, and my vocation…

…is to create inspiring workplaces which foster dedicated, motivated staff and outstanding financial performance. The focus is on business practices that increase the wellbeing of all employees, and generate personal and corporate growth.

What makes my approach special is…

… that I act as a catalyst and initiate learning processes which encourage management and staff to reflect regularly and anticipate change. These processes prompt people to see things from a new perspective, expand their repertoire of interactive and behavioural skills, and leave their comfort zone.

I use a diverse range of methods and positive approaches that provide ideal support for achieving far-reaching development and change objectives. Sometimes, a direct, uncompromising approach is the quickest and most effective way to help you achieving your targets.

I see myself as your sparring partner – in the most positive sense of the word. My task is to bring out the best in you and your organisation.

I am happy…

…when I see how people and cultures evolve and grow. And when energy, creativity, performance and results are desired, demanded and nurtured.

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