Most of our energy goes up to upholding our importance.”

Carlos Castaneda (1925-1989), US-american Anthropologist and Author, The Art Of Dreaming


Beliefs & Values

Positive. Creating a climate of trust where individual strengths can flourish.

My Beliefs

An unwavering positive approach lies at the heart of all my consulting activities. My training and experience have taught me that people have a deep-seated need to demonstrate, enhance and use all of their strengths and potential.

All people and all organisations are unique. I focus on those strengths which have been the key to your past successes and those of your business.

We can compare a successful company to a perfectly functioning, well-balanced ecosystem.

Inspirational workplaces are like fertile soil – careful seeding and gentle cultivation are essential if employees and their company are to blossom and flourish. This in turn results in healthy growth and a plentiful harvest – the financial success of the business.

My Values

Trust, appreciation, respect, honesty, clarity, courage, commitment and liveliness are my guiding principles – and values that give my life direction and meaning.

They also provide a framework for collaboration with my clients. I am convinced that a positive environment is an essential ingredient for growth.

Recent research into positive psychology has highlighted the economic benefits of value-driven, ethical behaviours.

A positive climate based on trust and respect, and where esteem for colleagues is clearly expressed, encourages additional innovation and leads to sustainable financial success and growth.

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